Mobile Banking
Customer Self On-boarding
Customers who wish to use the NDB Mobile Banking facility must download the mobile app from the respective app market. Once the app is successfully installed, the customer can register for the service using one of the following methods:

* Using his existing credit/debit card number and PIN
* Using his existing Internet Banking login credentials
* Visiting a branch

Note: In order to register, the customer’s current mobile number must be updated in the Bank’s systems. If the number is not updated, an error message will be displayed to the customer when attempting to register. The customer must visit the nearest NDB Branch and hand in a written request to update the mobile number.
Credit Card On/Off
Using the mobile banking app customers can switch off/on their Credit/Debit cards when not in use, and switch them on when required to be used at ATMs or POS machines. This will provide additional security, where even if the card is stolen, no one can use it, if it is switched off from the app.
Locate Us
This will contain a list view and map view of NDB branches and ATMs. Customers can search for branches and ATMs in his/her vicinity or in any other area. The application will identify the customer’s current location and display the distance to the nearest ATMs and branches.
Offers and Deals
The Offers and Deals section contains any promotional offers being given by the Bank. A map view is also provided for easy location.
Mobile Recharge from your Account or Credit Card
Customers can make payments to any postpaid or prepaid mobile number registered in Sri Lanka from his/her Account or Credit Card. The system enables identifying the mobile operator based on the mobile number, i.e. the customer does not need to select the name of the mobile operator.

Note: Minimum reload amount is Rs.50/-
Card Activation/Deactivation
Customers can activate a pre-active card using the Mobile Banking app, instead of calling the Call Center.

The customer has the option to deactivate his/her credit card. It must be noted that this is different from switching the card off. If a card is deactivated, the customer must hand in a written request to a NDB branch to activate it.
Report lost card
Customers can report a lost card using the Mobile Banking app, instead of calling the Call Center.
Pay bills
Customers can pay any utility bill which is registered with the bank using the Mobile Banking app, instead of visiting a branch.
User limit maintenance
Customer has the option of customizing the Daily Transaction Limits.
Other Features
Fund Transfers
Transfers between own NDB accounts
Transfers to third party NDB accounts
Transfers to other bank accounts
Pay to mobile
Beneficiary Management
Fund transfers to third party NDB accounts
Fund transfers to other bank accounts
Bill payments
Mobile recharge
Pay to mobile

A photo capture feature is provided for beneficiary registration, where the user can either capture a new photo or select from the existing photos in the mobile phone’s gallery.
Other Bank Credit Card Payment
Payment of other bank credit cards (Own / third party) via SLIPS is facilitated. The customer must register the other bank card prior to payment. Cards can be registered through the Cards -> Other Credit Card Registration menu.
Pay to Mobile
If the user does not have the beneficiary’s account number, an option is available to make the payment using beneficiary’s mobile number. Currently, the receiver of the funds must also be a NDB customer, registered for Mobile Banking.
Cheque status
Customer has the option of viewing the cheque status with the bank using the Mobile Banking app, instead of calling or visiting a branch.

For more information please call 011244 8888
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